Health Horizons has changed my life and the lives of my husband and children. I could go on all day about the atmosphere, employees and the superior quality of care. I have never felt so understood or had a plan tailored so well to my own individual needs!

Within one month of care (4 years ago), my rheumatologist was able to reduce and eventually omit completely the chemotherapy immunosuppressants I was taking for an autoimmune disease.  Also, after years of trying to find digestive help for my 4 year old daughter, she (now almost 8) feels great!

Bringing my family to Health Horizons is one of the best investments we make for the health and well-being of our family!

Melissa T.

These chiropractors are the best in town. They are highly skilled and compassionate doctors who fully understand the whole person. They have done wonders for every member of my family as well as the many friends whom we have referred. We cannot say enough about their professionalism.

Michelle D.

I, along with my family, have been going to Health Horizons for years for chiropractic as well as nutritional care.  All of the doctors are incredible, very caring, compassionate and the best "bedside manner" of any doctors I have been to.  They take plenty of time with you, never feeling like you are being rushed through.  The whole process, appointment scheduling to checking in and out, is prompt and efficient.  We have referred many others there because of the exceptional care.

Shelly M.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the healing I received here! I am from Miami, FL and came up to visit family . The day before I left, I pulled my back out and the pain was unspeakable! They took me in without an appointment and the compassionate and professional way they treated me was above and beyond expectations! I really love their gentle approach and the complete body healing pathway! The doctor addressed all my questions and spoke to me regarding all areas of Total health!  I highly recommend Health Horizons from my own personal and positive experience there!

Jan M.

After working with Dr. Palombini and the Shape ReClaimed weight loss program, my PCP said I am so healthy that I can stop all my prescription meds!!  Good bye to my high blood pressure and cholesterol medicine!!  He said I have done more for my body by losing weight than a pill could ever do.  He also said my chiropractor, Health Horizons, is doing a great thing by creating better health for patients!

Danielle V.

I had been having terrible pain in my wrists, shoulders and neck due to repetitive stress injuries and carpal tunnel. A friend of a friend told me about Health Horizons. I started getting chiropractic adjustments and Muscle Release Technique with therapeutic massage. I had immediate improvement and within two months, I've actually had a couple of completely pain free days. They've also helped to reduce frequency of migraines and with my TMJ. They really care about improving my overall health and my quality of life. I feel lucky to have found them.

Michelle M.

After a car accident, I sustained a whiplash. The pain and headaches were awful! I was referred to Health Horizons by a friend. Word cannot express the care and treatment I received by the staff!  Dr. Roth was my primary doctor for treatment and she made me feel comfortable, reduced my anxiety regarding the treatment and completely healed my neck injuries and headaches! I am now a believer of the benefits of chiropractic care! Since then I have received treatment for a back issue after another injury.  I have also used many of the supplements for various health issues that have arisen over the years. The one-on-one care along with the knowledge and expertise of Dr. Roth and the rest of the staff keeps me returning and recommending others to Health Horizons. They truly listen and care about your well being! I highly recommend Health Horizons to everyone!

Laurie L.

Several years ago I had visited two different specialists about a skin condition that kept getting worse.  I was being treated for symptoms that would just re-occur.  I had dealt with it for many years and it was painful and unsightly.  Ultimately,  I came to Health Horizons where I was tested and treated by Dr. Palombini.   I learned through their Nutrition Response Testing what the underlying cause for my skin rash was, and started treatment that very day.  It's now been 7 years and I've been rash-free ever since.  I am very grateful to Dr. Palombini and Health Horizons for helping me so much where other doctors couldn't.

Marie H.

Thanks Dr. Kathy Roth and staff for all that you do!  I came to you with having more than 6 severe migraines a month.  I was so sick.  I was on so many medications.  I had lost a lot of weight, had vision problems, constant ringing or ear sensations (every little noise was magnified 100x).  I couldn't eat or sleep and would spend days in bed.  After coming to you for treatment, I have been MIGRAINE FREE for over a year now!  Thanks for giving me my quality of life back and making me healthy again!

Gina R.

I've been a patient/client of Health Horizons for 20 years.  The chiropractors have been life savers to me. I have had many injuries involving nerve damage.  The adjustments, supplements and exercise guidelines I have received there have kept me a physically active 4x a week golfer who walks the golf course too.  My friends envy my flexibility at the age of 60 and it is all due to the care I received here for the past 20 years.

Margaret J.

I have been going to Health Horizons for 8 years and wouldn't trust another place for my chiropractic care.  Dr. Roth is not only knowledgable but is the most caring chiropractor I know. She initially helped me with whiplash that resulted from a car accident and regular adjustments have helped to greatly minimize my headaches too!  A few years ago I referred my parents to Dr. Roth and they couldn't be happier with the care that they receive.  I'm so glad to have found this place!

Danielle M.

This place is a haven of health and healing…EVERYONE should go there!

Ann F.

I came to Health Horizons for a painful back injury in 1981 and I am still a wellness patient. Over the years, Drs. Cicirello and Palombini helped me through a fractured pelvis and numerous other injuries, aches and pains. Seeing the chiropractor on a regular basis has greatly improved my health and well being. Dr. Roth was a wonderful addition to the practice.

Esmeralda S.

Chiropractic care complimented my lifestyle habits resulting in a healthy, happy pregnancy. I started chiropractic care in the 10th week of pregnancy. At first, I was not sure how chiropractic care would benefit me. However, after the initial consultation I was sure that it was an essential addition to my pregnancy support system.

To me chiropractic care was not just about moving bones around. It was a way for me to talk about what my body was experiencing and to gather information from a knowledgeable professional who had a holistic view of the body’s processes. Throughout my pregnancy, I gained a sense of peace and comfort knowing my bones were becoming aligned allowed my body to communicate and work most effectively. Consulting on nutritional needs and muscle testing for supplements helped me ensure that I was meeting the biochemical demands of pregnancy. I would not have understood these concepts if I had not added chiropractic care to my pregnancy.

In addition, chiropractic care helped me overcome a sciatica injury in my 8th month of pregnancy and I never experienced back pain. Postpartum, chiropractic care helped my body slowly return to its pre-pregnancy state.

Learning more about the processes of the body helped me gain a sense of control. It allowed me to make better decisions, and made me feel like I was doing more to add to the health of me and my baby. As you can see, he turned out quite well!

Jill T.

I first came to Health Horizons 5 years ago because I had been experiencing hip pain. Once or twice a year, it felt like my hips would just “lock up”. This problem prevented me from doing all activities, including walking!

When I came to Health Horizons, I found out that my problem stemmed from a condition in my lumbar spine and that chiropractic spinal adjustments would help my body to heal. Chiropractic wellness care has helped me manage my condition. My life and my health have changed immensely since I began chiropractic care.

The spinal adjustments have also helped to boost my immune system. I haven’t had a cold or sore throat, the flu or any infections since I started chiropractic care.

Thank you, Health Horizons!!

Ramona Z.

Lynzie first came to Health Horizons in 2004 at the age of 8. Since she was an infant, Lynzie had been frequently sick with allergies and ear infections.

She had been treated with antibiotics since 6 months of age and she didn’t seem to be getting any better. The doctors at Health Horizons recommended that she start chiropractic adjustments to boost her body’s ability to heal. She also made some nutritional changes and, after a few months of care, is feeling much better.

Lynzie loves coming in for chiropractic care and knows that the adjustments have helped with the problems that she has had. When she fell and hurt her arm, she asked to come in for an adjustment! Thanks to the care we get at Health Horizons, I know we’ll all stay healthy!

Vicki W. (Lynzie’s Grandma, also a Health Horizons patient!)

I first came to Health Horizons in 1984 because I was having severe pain down my leg which started after lifting something heavy. A friend of mine, who is a patient here, suggested that I come here too. At my initial exam, I discovered that my spine was out of alignment as a result of falling down the steps and being in several car accidents over the years.

Thanks to the doctors at Health Horizons, the spinal adjustments got me walking better within a short time and corrected the misalignment in my spine. I continue my wellness care by having a spinal adjustment every two weeks. I feel more healthy and energenic as a result of good spinal alignment. I wouldn't be in the good health that I am now if it weren't for chiropractic care.

Judy L.

I first came to Health Horizons in 2004 to seek a natural approach for relief of my pain symptoms. I had been diagnosed with a very aggressive case of rheumatoid arthritis which caused severe pain in all of my joints. Because I was in such extreme pain all the time, I could hardly walk or use my hands even to do an easy task like open my contact lens case. Going to work or driving were out of the question. I had initially consulted a medical doctor and his solution was to start me on a very strong prescription drug with many side effects, which I wanted to avoid.

At Health Horizons, I first completed a thorough testing session called Total Body Assessment (TBA). The doctors then recommended a regimen of nutritional supplements and specific dietary guidance. In less than a year of treatment at Health Horizons, I felt a tremendous improvement. The pain in my joints reduced dramatically! I can now go back to work, I am driving again, walking is no problem--and I can even run if I wan to! I can enjoy life again! I am so thankful for the care and guidance I have received from Health Horizons.

Ester P.

Amelia is our 5 year old daughter who was diagnosed with an autism disorder and was taking medication daily for asthma. I wanted to improve her diet and also hoped that her asthma could be helped by chiropractic care, so I came to Health Horizons.

Amelia did not converse. She was not “aware” of her surroundings. Her behavior was erratic, explosive and unpredictable. Her diet was VERY self-limited. She had numerous sensitivity issues (noise, light, clothing, food textures). Her breathing problem caused recurrent sinus and ear infections, wheezing, coughing and chest congestion severe enough so that she had to be hospitalized every winter.

After completing a thorough nutritional and chiropractic examination, Amelia was placed on a gluten-free, sugar-free diet, given nutritional supplements, and received chiropractic adjustments as well as Frequency Specific Microcurrent treatments. Within 8 weeks of beginning her care, she gained language skills, improved eye contact and her disposition became calmer. Also, she has stopped all asthma medications. She is thriving!!

I could go on and on! I am so happy with Amelia’s progress and the care she receives at Health Horizons!

Kathy M. (Amelia’s Mom)

After retuning from a trip outside the U.S., I began suffering from increasingly severe intestinal symptoms, headaches, fatigue and anxiety. The symptoms persisted for 6 weeks during which time my energy level decreased dramatically.

I no longer had the stamina to exercise or enjoy other activities. Just going to work exhausted me. I was too tired to prepare dinners at home. I had to go to sleep early just to make sure I could get through the next day.

I originally went to my physician for treatment. I was prescribed a very strong drug and a high-fiber diet, all of which made the symptoms worse. After completing a nutritional testing session called Total Body Assessment, the doctors recommended that I follow a regimen of nutritional supplements and a low-fiber diet. Good results showed quickly! Within 5 days I was feeling better and by day 10, I had regained all of my energy. All of my symptoms were gone! My lesson: I’ll seek Health Horizons’ chiropractic and nutritional care FIRST from now on!

Thank you, Health Horizons!

Alice M.

I was suffering from extreme neck pain that radiated down into my shoulders. I couldn’t turn my head from side to side without having a jolt of pain. I constantly felt numbness and tingling in my hands and fingers. The whole thing made me irritable, tired and miserable. I had to take two months off work because of the pain, and when I returned to work, it was part-time/light duty, so I had to deal with reduced income for eight months.

After only seven weeks of chiropractic care at Health Horizons, my pain is almost non-existent, and my ability to move has improved so much! I’m already back to work full time, doing my regular job instead of light duty. I can do all of my home activities and I’m looking forward to getting back into my swimming and exercise.

Thank you, Health Horizons!

Mona S.

I had been suffering from low back and hip pain for years. I had a lot of trouble doing everyday things like getting in and out of the car or climbing a flight of stairs. Stooping to pick things up and lifting items, even small things, caused tremendous discomfort in my low back and hips daily. I needed some relief. My wife is a patient at Health Horizons and I saw how much chiropractic care had helped her, so I decided to give it a try.

As a result of receiving chiropractic adjustments, my posture has improved! I can now stand up straighter with less effort and my mobility is much better. I can move with a lot more ease and do my daily activities without the discomfort I previously had. My back pain symptoms are gone! The chiropractic care I have received at Health Horizons has literally changed my life!

Bill R.

For several months I had been having severe lower back pain along with a sharp pain that radiated down my right leg. I didn’t really know what to do until my friend recommended that I come to Health Horizons for chiropractic care.

The pain was so serious that I couldn’t walk normally; I felt like I was dragging my right leg. Standing had become next to impossible, even for a short period of time. I had an examination by the doctor and I learned that my hips and spine were out of alignment. After my first spinal adjustment, I was able to walk normally! With continued corrective adjustments, the pain in my leg decreased and gradually disappeared. I am continuing my wellness care by getting regular adjustments. I am virtually pain-free and back to doing all of my activities, thanks to the chiropractic care I receive at Health Horizons.

Joan H.

I have been coming to Health Horizons since 1986! I’m a pet groomer– I own a business called Groomer’s Touch– and my job requires physical stamina plus the ability to lift animals of all sizes. One day I lifted a 40 pound dog and seriously strained my back. Life instantly changed– I couldn’t stand up, it was impossible to put on shoes and socks and a good night’s sleep became out of the question. All this really affected my work because I’m self employed. A friend referred me to Health Horizons and within two months of receiving chiropractic care, my pain was gone and I was feeling strong again.

Over the years, I’ve learned that chiropractic care isn’t just for my back. The chiropractic adjustments have helped my leg aches that I get from being on my feet all day. With the type of chiropractic the doctors do at Health Horizons, they are even able to adjust my TMJ and my hands.

I keep up with my wellness care by getting chiropractic adjustments every month. It’s kept me strong for years! Thanks, Health Horizons!

Jennie M.

I have been a patient at Health Horizons since April 2005. I was referred here by my friend, also a patient here, who watched my struggle with pain and misery.

My neck would spasm so severely that it felt like my head was locked in a forward position. This caused pain and tingling that radiated down into my shoulders, arms and hands. I also suffered with excruciating sinus headaches from seasonal allergies which would cause ringing in my ears and loss of balance. I was always experiencing nervous tension and irritability. I was just miserable.

I had tried prescription anti-inflammatory medications for the muscle spasms, but I knew that they had dangerous side effects and I didn’t want to rely on drugs forever.

After receiving chiropractic care at Health Horizons, I can truly say that I feel transformed! I’m free of pain! I’m playing tennis again, I’m sleeping better, even all my sinus allergy symptoms have improved! I keep up with my wellness adjustments once a month. Thanks, Health Horizons, I love being here!

Sue B.

“Thank you for teaching me how to listen to my own body. Your healing touch and gentle care have brought me through many aches and pains and taught me how to live without the drugs prescribed so readily by traditional doctors. You’ve inspired me to live in a way that keeps getting better. I feel empowered by your knowledge and suggestions. Thank you for helping me to heal myself.”

- Margaret Manges

“After injuring my lower back, my physician recommended pain medication and rest. I knew this wasn’t the answer. I had several friends who were clients at Health Horizons and they all encouraged me to go. I had significant relief after the first visit and was back to normal activity in a very short time. The staff was very caring and concerned. After I got relief, I decided to continue with the program and included adding nutritional counseling. I consider it my “health assurance plan.” Not only has my lower back improved, so have my allergies and general health. It was a great decision to begin the program at Health Horizons!”

- Jim Pieffer

“Ian is my 8 year old son with a history of numerous medical conditions….migraine headaches, neurological facial and extremity tics, and dizziness. We have been to pediatricians, pediatric neurologists and he has been to another chiropractor. Ian’s grandmother referred us to Health Horizons because of the different techniques and cranial adjustments used. After Ian’s first adjustment, he went 4 days without being dizzy or having a headache. Now after 4 or 5 visits, Ian’s headaches have subsided, he hasn’t been dizzy since his second adjustment and his neurological tics have diminished. As a parent, it is an awesome experience to see “light at the end of the tunnel” after a 2-year journey of tests, medications, and no answers. The doctors at Health Horizons have truly been a blessing to my son and our entire family!”

- Peggy Schorsch

“Health Horizons saved my life! I was on 6 medications for asthma, bronchitis, allergies, and sinus infections. I was in the emergency room for severe allergic reactions to antibiotics. Today I am free of ALL medications and have not had any attacks for 10 years! I have been taught a different lifestyle, as well, from cooking to food detox to emotional detox. This is the best time of my life. Thanks Health Horizons!”

- Edie Haughton

“I’d just like to say thank you for showing me how to live again, without pain. After being told for years that “it was all in my head,” I found someone who believed me. I feel better in just a few short months than I have in almost 10 years. I was very skeptical, but I can honestly say, it works!”

- Joanne Campagne